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Stir-Fry Cookbook for Beginners: Recipes and Techniques to Stir-Fry with Sizzling Success


July 2021

Editorial Review

“Chris has done it again—this cookbook is easy, informative, and helps you create great food! Now that both my kids are off to college this year, they need to cook for themselves, and this is the first cookbook I purchased for them!” —Jeff Mao, founder of and author of Essential Chinese Hot Pot Cookbook

$12 USD
Easy stir fry without a takeout box in sight

Quick, naturally healthy, and full of richly varied flavors, stir fry is the perfect food. And the best part? Anyone can learn to make restaurant-quality stir fry at home! This complete guide makes stir frying simple with easy-to-follow directions that cover everything from prep work to serving. No matter your skill in the kitchen, you'll be enjoying the tantalizing spiciness of Kung Pao Chicken or a veggie-filled Buddha's Delight thanks to this standout among stir fry cookbooks.

Go beyond other stir fry cookbooks with:
Wok selections—Find out how to choose the right wok, season it, and properly maintain it for years to come.
Stir fry step-by-step—Learn how to stir fry the right way, including preparing a variety of ingredients, keeping things moving in the wok, and finishing with sauces and garnishes.
Cook up a full menu—Discover a robust range of sides and entrees featuring vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, rice, and noodles.

Create stir fry at home with ease with this top choice in stir fry cookbooks.

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